2017 Tournament Prep Information (PDF version)

To: All Teams                                                                      Feb. 7, 2017
From: Jeff Milkie
Subject: 2017 Hotel, Car & Disney Ticket Info.  (Updates on www.smallfrybasketball.com)

Dear Teams,

We all must begin reserving our rooms and cars for the upcoming tournaments. Please read all material in this package carefully. Everything you will need is in this package for your teams and parents. All teams must be checked into the Disney All-Star Sport Hotel on Sunday, April 9. Please do not call the hotel directly because they will refer you back to me. Please be on time with all money and forms. This is very important to keep everything on time.

If I do not receive your rooming list and money by the due date (March 1), you will have to find hotel rooms on your own and any games you play will be a forfeit. We are under a new contract with Disney and must follow some very tight guidelines.

Website: We will have updates on the 2017 Tournament on the web site for the teams & parents. We will also be updating the web site each day at the tournament. We hope to keep all the people who cannot make it to Florida up to date on all tournament play.

Hotel:  Please fill out the hotel information sheet completely. Each team will be allowed to book six (6) rooms only.  If you should need more than 6 rooms you must book them through the hotel number below and put them on your credit card. There will be no exceptions. I will not accept any rooms for parents. We have a tax-free number for the teams only. If I find that any of the rooms are parent-used, I will see that the tax is added when you arrive. Please do not abuse a good thing. All rooms will be $156 per night per room. There is a maximum of only four (4) people per room (Florida law). All rooming lists must be in by March 1.

Rental Cars: You must make your own reservations for transportation, as we will not be getting any discounts this year. Reserve now! You may use Disney Transportation from the hotel to the Sports Complex. Please leave your team enough time if you choose this option. You may also use the buses for transportation to any of the parks. This will save on parking costs.

Tickets: All teams must purchase 14 2-day park passes. You may offer these ticket prices to your parents. All tickets will be given to the teams and you will have to get them to your parents, so keep track of your parent ticket orders. Parents will not be able to get these ticket prices down in Florida. There are a few different kinds of tickets that are available so, please read the ticket sheet carefully. You must purchase a minimum of 14 2-day park passes. If you would like water park tickets they are available at a special price on the ticket sheet. All ticket money must be in by March 9.

Parents: Room reservation info is below. Parents will be able to stay in the Disney All-Star Sport Hotel with the teams. Parents wishing to purchase tickets for the Disney Parks must get them through the teams. I will not be handling any parent rooms, ticket or cars. Parents or anyone else wishing to watch the games will be able to purchase tickets into the Sports Complex at the complex ticket window. Please give this information to all parents that are traveling.

Booking Information: Your guests will be able to book their reservations online at:
or by calling our Group Reservations Phones Team at 407-939-4686. The Phones Team is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 6 pm EST, and Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 am to 5 pm EST, closed major holidays.

Team Pictures:  All teams must have a team picture and a roster with team names and number typed so we can read it. All pictures must be in by March 1. Please email JPEG only pictures with high resolution to [email protected] or [email protected]. Any pictures after this date will not be in the tournament program. No exceptions.

Tournament Notes: All teams are asked again to have something to exchange for the opening of your first tournament game on Tuesday. The gift does not have to be expensive. All teams must be dressed in uniform for the championship game on 4/13. All teams must be present at the International Tournament’s championship game. Please follow time line for check-in. All teams must have one coach at all meetings in Florida. Please be on time.

Disney Waiver Forms: Please make copies of the waiver form and get them all to me by March 13 or earlier to regional directors as requested. All players, coaches and team scorekeeper (three adults maximum per team) must have a form filled out and signed. No forms, no play.

Magical Express Info: Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort and flying into the Orlando International Airport will have access to Disney’s Magical Express (DME): Complimentary round trip transportation to and from your Walt Disney World Resort and complimentary luggage service (for flights arriving between 5 am and 10 pm EST)

Guests may book their own transportation 48 hours AFTER their hotel reservation has been made and receive their luggage tags directly by choosing one of the following methods:

  • Visit http://www.disneyconventiontickets.com/disneyworld/transportation/
  • OR Call (866) 599-0951 with their flight information

    Ads for Tournament Program: If any team knows any company that would be interested in advertising in the tournament program please let me know. Full page Ads will be $500; Back cover $1,500 or inside covers $1,000. This would be great exposure for any company.

Small Fry Basketball 2017 (PDF version)

Dear Teams,                                                                                                                 11/16

Fall is here and it is time to start getting ready for the new Small Fry season. I, along with the rest of the Small Fry Executive Board, would like to thank each and every team for making the trip to Florida for the 2016 tournaments. The 2017 tournaments will prove to be the most exciting yet. Please read all the information carefully, as there are some price changes for the upcoming season.

If anyone knows of anyone interested in starting a boys or girls team, please forward all the information to me ASAP. There are going to be more teams than spots this year as were have some new franchises coming in this season, so get all of your fees paid as soon as possible. All fees must be paid by money order or cashier’s check. The board voted not to take any late fees this year. If your fees are not paid by the 15th of December you will have to wait until the next year. All fees must be paid by December 15, 2016.

Remember all forms are available on this web site: nothing will be mailed.

Please fill out franchise forms completely. I will not accept any checks without the form filled out and signed.

Girls Small Fry Basketball- We will be offering a girls tournament this year at Disney’s Wide World of Sports at the same time as the boy’s tournament. The only change in the girls program will be the height. The girls height will be 5-foot-3 inches and under. All other Small Fry rules will apply. Please call today for information on getting a team in this year’s tournament.

Franchise Fees – All Franchise fees will be $475 per team, additional for rookie teams. The insurance fee will be $175 per team. All teams must be covered under the Small Fry insurance policy, no exceptions. These fees must be paid by December 15, 2016.

Tournament Fee – Any team that wishes to qualify to play in the tournaments in Florida must pay the tournament fee of $615 per team along with the franchise fee & insurance by December 15, 2016.

Airline & Rental Cars – Please begin to make flight and car or van reservations now. The longer you wait the harder and more expensive it will become.

Disney 2017 – We will be staying at the Disney All-Star Sport Resort again this year. The cost of the hotel will be $156 per room per night. All teams will be allowed only 6 rooms per team this season under the tax free number. If you need more rooms you will have to call the number code at a later date for rooms. This will guarantee all teams will be at the same hotel. If you plan on saving the tax this year all rooms must be paid in advance through Small Fry.

Park Tickets – All ticket prices will be available after January 1 in your tournament packets or feel free to call me. All teams must purchase 12 – 2-day park passes. We will also have available 2, 3, 4 & 5-day hopper tickets along with Water Park tickets.  

*All parents and friends will be able to purchase tickets THROUGH THEIR TEAMS at the same value prices.

Parents – All parents will be able to reserve rooms at the All-Star Sport Resort. More information will be able after January 1. The room rate will be $156 per night, plus tax at a first-come, first-serve basis. Please take advantage of the discounted park tickets through your team. You will not be able to purchase tickets at these prices when you get to Florida. Please do not try to call the hotel until the hotel gives me the code that you will need to get the $156 rate.

Measuring Dates 2017 – Virgin Island & St Croix – TBA
                                          Puerto Rico – January 25
                                          Midwest, Chicago & East Coast – Feb 4-5

There will only be 1 day for measuring, so please make sure your players and parents know the date, if your players are not there they will not be playing in this year’s tournament. Please make sure all documents (20 man roster, ID forms and copy of Birth certificate) are filled out correctly and given to your area director 7 days prior to your measuring date. There will be no excuses, or additions at measuring.

Checklist for December 15, 2016 Deadline:

___ Franchise Fee $475        ___ Tournament Fee $615

___ Insurance Fee $175        ___ Rookie Fee

Mail to :          Small Fry Basketball
                        8552 – 37th Ave
                        Kenosha, WI 53142

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